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Within my illustrative work, I seek to translate the minor imperfections that come alongside with each gritty old pen or new piece of paper; those analogue elements that connect the viewer to the hands of the illustrator, much like a potter connects to those that see the hands at the wheel. I am deeply inspired by ancient and prehistoric art, and have found myself in a welcomed position of translating those stylings into the modern era. As a mixed media artist, I bring a developed understanding of the beauty found in human-created lines and the value of each new blank canvas.


Working as a client-based commercial illustrator over these years has enabled me to see not only the value in a beautiful, creative product, but a fully sussed out project. I am constantly seeking better ways to bring my own sense of craftsmanship to the finalized, presented artwork.  




Most brushes, backgrounds, textures, patterns, and linework are completely hand-created in the EGC studio, enabling every digital piece to carry a unique feel that comes special when the artwork is direct-from-drafting-table, while maintaining the versatility and scalability of vectorized, digital art (e.g. large scale print, cross-platform advertising, etc).


All illustration is completed via collage, resulting in hand-drawn elements compiled into one finalized, fully digitized piece. 

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